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here’s the deal. a long time friend who had his own performance shop specializing in VW’s turned over an attic full of NEW parts for me to get rid of. some of it might be out dated and some are true classics. either way they are priced to sell and i am open to reasonable offers. i am no longer on the top of the VW game as i used to be so all you internet scavengers can probably find some of it for even cheaper (im not looking for todays going rate…im starting at reasonable prices based on what the price tags used to read). PRODUCE a link and I will match or beat it. its that easy. just need this stuff gone. This site will be updated often and I am just scratching the surface with what i have to move…Prices DO NOT include shipping and are negotiable. Email me with questions or offers at: xcrament@yahoo.com

ABD Racing (Four Door) Golf/Jetta IV Door Sills. Front Doors ONLY (2 pieces): $50 (have 4 sets)

Golf IV Rieger Rear: $150 (have 2)

Eurosport MKII Upper Front Strut Bar: $40

Wings West Golf and Jetta MKIII Rear Skirt : $175 each

28MM Rear Sway Bar MKII/III G/J, Corrado G60/Vr6 (no hardware): $90 (have 2)

Eibach Prokit (part #8567-140) MK4 VR6: $175

Suspension Techniques (Part # 63040) MK2/3  G/J: $120

DTM Exhaust Tips: $10….. Blk Dual DTM and both round tips SOLD

Conrero Leather Boots Blk:$30…. Blk/Red : SOLD

Sparco Shifter: $20  Sparco Pads: $15

ABD Racing MKII 25mm Sway Bar Kit: $175

Bilstein (#F4-B36-1524-H1) G/J3 Rear: $60

Boge (#27-467-F) G/J2 Front : $60 for pair

Boge (#27-229-F) MKI Front: $25

KYB (#343191) MKII/Corrado Rear: $25 (have 4)

KYB (#364014) MKII G/J/Corrado Front : $60 for pair

Boge (#27-415F) MKII (no Corrado) Rear: $60 for Pair

KYB (#KG 9004) 76-83 BMW 320I Rear: $60 for Pair

Metal-Lux (24-696-01) MKIII 4 cyl Front Pads: $30 shipped

Axxis (23-280-01) MKII 4 cyl Front Pads: $30 shipped

Axxis (23-340-01) Corrado Rear Pads: $40 shipped

PBR Metal Master MKII Rear Disc: $25 shipped

MKII Bosch Plug Wires: $45

MKIII Diamond Plate Floor Inserts Complete (front/rear/dead pedal): $100? (cant find on-line either)

Front End Cover (Bra) by Autobahn. Says cabrio really small on corner will work on any MKIII: $50

ABD Racing Scirocco Side Skirts. (Full Kit is $599. This is for skirts only) : $175 Would love not to ship

MKII Lower Window Wing with light: $100

In.Pro. Design MkIII tail lights: $125

Hella MkIII Smoked Reflectors: $25 pair (have 2 sets)

Single Reflector: $15

Single Smoke Turn signal: SOLD

ABD Side Marker kits

Red Rectangular: $30 (have 2 pair)

Red Arrow: $30

MkIII Bonrath Air Induction Kit: $125

Random Smoked and Clear Side Marker Kits: $12 pair

Ractive Universal Muffler (2.75″ inlet/4.75″ outlet) $: $90

Hella H4 7″ Single Round Lights: $25 each (1 available)



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